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From the team behind Vesper, a pioneer in Bangkok’s cocktail scene since 2014 and consistently ranked among ASIA’S 50 BEST BARS from 2016-2023, comes 4th Wall - a new bar in the sophisticated and cosmopolitan Langsuan road. Here, Group Bar Manager Tom Hearn and Bar Manager Macc Saharat presents you with exquisitely crafted cocktails blend with a thought-provoking concept, appealing to both seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike.

Drawing its name from the theatrical notion of breaking the '4th Wall' - the imaginary divide between performer and audience - our bar seeks to enhance intimacy and conviviality. Just as Vesper is renowned for its unpretentious hospitality (recently awarded BKK BAR SHOW’s Bar Team of the Year 2023), 4th Wall strives to erase boundaries, fostering a seamless interaction between bartenders and guests.

4th Wall's design mirrors the avant-garde world of 1960s European cinema, juxtaposed with a modernist vision of the future. Here, vibrant, sleek design elements intersect with the spirited and communal atmosphere reminiscent of the 1960s. Embracing the ethos of a ‘neighbourhood bar’ infused with elements of ‘retrofuturism’, 4th Wall invites you to step into a unique blend of past and future.


Pleased to meet you.

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